Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dolphins enjoy murder, sexual assault.

Though it sounds silly, it's true: Dolphins like wanton death. I am not going to post extensively on dolphin murder when there is a perfectly good article that I can just link. I will say that I like how the article calls the porpoise "peace-loving", in an apparent attempt to make dolphin murder even worse in the public eye.

Also, while link-surfing, I discovered that in 1991 there was a case heard in England in which a 39 year old man was accused of sexual impropriety with a dolphin named Freddy. Evidently, the case was thrown out when multiple witness reported that Freddy aggressively molested humans by towing them around with his, you know, junk. That's right. He apparently would wrap his giant fish-package around people, and then tow them about the harbor. I honestly am not making that up.

I have to say, I had no idea that dolphins lived such sordid lives. Next we will learn that dolphins have formed an undersea mafia. Actually, I hope that we find that out. There would be nothing more awesome, really.


Anonymous said...

Well, I've heard that dolphins enjoy sex much like humans, and actually have sex because if it, not like most animals that just do it for procreation. So it really doesn't suprise me much that an animal who knows the joys of sex would also find enjoyment in other things... as morbid as they may be.


Anonymous said...

I recently saw a program on The Discovery Channel where scientists had caught 3 dolphins on tape, murdering a porpoise (by holding it under water, preventing it from breathing) for no apparent reason. They concluded that the dolphins were younger sexually frustrated males that took their anger out on the porpoise. Kinda changes the image of flipper the friendly dolphin.

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