Saturday, February 21, 2009

Games and Zombies.

If you like video games like I like video games, then you should buy Left 4 Dead. It is one of the better shooter type games I have played, largely because if you play mulitplayer you have to work as a team. This, in theory, keeps jerks that just like to teamkill and run around like idiots to a minimum. Besides all that, I like shooting zombies.

On the topic of Zombies, I must point out that these zombies lean heavily towards the "28 Days Later" style of Zombie in that they are quite fast. Also, Zombies can effectively be put down by repeated shots to the body. In reality, we all know that Zombies can only be re-killed by head shots, but games are an escape from reality.

The graphics are pretty good, the environment is fairly interactive, and the shooting aspect of the game is easy enough to be enjoyable. I don't want super easy shooting, but I don't want it to be incredibly difficult either. L4D seems to have a pretty good balance.

Buy it, play it, enjoy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ongoing year of music

Evidently I have decided that this year I will be posting tons of music that I find cool. I really hadn't planned on it, but the more that I have looked around, the more cool stuff I have rediscovered. This guy, Seasick Steve, is great. I suppose the three string guitar is kind of gimmicky (although Seasick Steve is perfectly capable and frequently does play a regular guitar), but who cares? The guy has a great voice and the song sounds cool. Ultimately, I guess I really don't care about anything but how it hits me in the gut when I listen to it, and I like this man's music. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sometimes, it's just too easy.

The video I am displaying today isn't particularly new. In fact, I remember Justin and I laughing very, very hard at it a few years ago. It's hilarious, harmless, uber-nerd fun!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey, Japan! You know how you enjoy pretending that you will take all comers in giant war-robots that wield samurai laser swords and are capable of merging with other giant war-robots into extremely giant war-robots? That's pretty tough. Mix in a sprinkling of Ninjas, and the impression that we get is that you are a nation filled with tough, plucky dudes willing to go the distance in a fight.

Except for this:

No one is going to run in fear of your giant war-robots when you run in fear of an admittedly large American simply taking his base after you plunk him. Like, I know that there was about a nano-second there when it looked like he was charging the mound, but the replay shows pretty clearly that the real problem is that your pitchers are evidently incapable of pulling thier skirts up when they play.

Also, you have a team called the "Swallows". Really? Was "Chickadees" taken? Are there no predatory birds in Japan suitable for a team name? Additionally, you do realize you have a team called the "Ham Fighters", right?. What are we to think of all this, Japan? You run away at the drop of a hat, one team is named after the lamest bird ever, and the best thing you could think to fight is ham. I need only point out, again, that this is the land of the Ninja.

Sorry, Japan. You make awesome video games and home electronics, and having lived there for an extended period, I can vouch that the country is a delight. Unfortunately, you lack street cred and so I can never again wonder when the day will come that mech-battles will take place in the skies above Tokyo without laughing.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Thoughts.

So, I have some random thoughts I would enjoy sharing. Here they are in handy list form:

1. I hate February. Every bad thing that has ever happened to me happened in February.

2. I just bought a new TV and it rules. All Hail Television.

3. I also bought a new Wii to go with my new TV. All Hail the Wii.

4. Tax refunds are awesome.

5. Tax debits are decidedly less awesome.

6. Seriously, my new TV is pretty awesome.

7. I use the word "awesome" way too much.

8. I invited my mother and step-dad over for a Wii party, largely to demonstrate how awesome my new TV and Wii are.

9. Dang it, there I go again with the "awesome".

10. You know a word I should use more often that I like? Nebulous. Nebulous is a great word.

11. You know what word I hate? Scrumptious. I really, really hate that word.

12. This might be the lamest post on TWWoT ever in the history of TWWoT. Seriously.

Here is a funny picture to try and redeem myself after subjecting you to this garbage..

Ha. Emo kids are funny looking....