Tuesday, February 5, 2008


So, much to my delight, I was looking at my favorite website Neatorama today and I noticed that they had a link to Dolphins being murderers. The coolest thing about that is that someone (not me) provided them with a link to my blog!

So, evidently someone found my dolphin post, sent it along to Neatorama, and now The Wide World of Timbo is a extremely minor contributor to that site, which I consider to be pretty cool.

click this perma-link to see the Neatorama post that has immortalized me!


As a side note, I have no idea why sometimes I get hyperlinks to work and other times I get no love. I have tried posting in HTML and I have tried just pasting them in, but both methods seem to be something of a crapshoot. It's not a huge deal, but I wish that I knew what was going on. EDIT on 2-14-08: I figured it out! It was the stupid little slash at the end of the address. Something that simple has been vexing me for weeks!

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