Thursday, February 14, 2008

Crom and The Mandarin.

Recently, I bestowed upon my buddy Toby the moniker "The Mandarin" and gave myself the name "Crom". Possibly none of you picked up on the comic book origins of these names, so I thought I would give a visual aid so that you may see what Toby and I look like in our alter egos.

Here is Toby getting punched perilously close to his giblets by the Incredible Hulk:

Pretty cool. Toby is evil enough to be able to withstand the Hulk, which is pretty tough for a super-villain.

While there are no spiffy comic book covers showing what Crom looks like, here is some art that I swear is some guys vision of who Crom is. I couldn't possibly be happier:

Man, I rule. Anyway, now when Toby and I argue about multiple-choice tests, you can envision these two characters punching it out, which I think is about the raddest thing ever.

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