Saturday, July 19, 2008

Karma Pwns Loser.

See this picture? It was taken two weeks after this guy was arrested in a drunken driving accident in which he seriously injured a woman. In fact, the woman was still in the hospital, recovering, when this picture was taken. Luckily, he put this picture up on his Facebook page with the title "Remorseful??". The prosecutor found them and used them to show the judge that this guy was an "unrepentant partier".

Now, this guy, Matthew Lipton, is getting two years in jail, in large part because of this picture.


How stupid are you, Matthew Lipton? You wrote letters of apology to the family, and then you go and do this? All that tells me is that you are an insincere little punk that deserves jail. The article says that you were so upset you left college, but evidently not so upset as to keep from wearing a prisoner outfit at a party. You deserve what you got, Matthew Lipton.

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kathya said...

What an asshat!!! Too bad this sort of thing doesn't help me, divorce in a no fault state means you just have to sit back and eat shit in the form of public humiliations while the spouse makes out with someone else for all your mutual friends to see. Karma can STILL be a bitch though, she don't care, her bus hits all the same that deserve her.