Saturday, September 6, 2008

The art of balance.

Balance. We all seek to achieve it. The rappers in this song achieved it by balancing the crazzapliest song possible with one of the coolest videos possible, relative to the song.

My only real complaint with the video is that about halfway through, I realized that the if the dancing ladies were really filmed in the 70's, they could then theoretically be any of my friends moms, or mine. I don't know about you other Gen X'rs, but the last possible thing that I want to imagine is my mother, or the mothers of the members of my flying squadron "walking out".

Please be advised: I try to keep TWWOT clean so as to make is SFW, but I really didn't listen to the song, so it is entirely possible that it is inappropriate. It sucks pretty bad anyway, so if you hit mute, you're not really losing out on anything.

Also, please feel free to use my new word "crazzapliest" in daily conversation. The etymology of the word is this: I was thinking of the word crappy and the word dazzling, as in "This song is dazzlingly crappy", and realized that I just didn't like how that flowed. Thus, I combined the best parts of the two words into one substantially more awesome and totally new word: Crazzapliest. You pronounce this new style thusly: Cra-zapp-lee-est. The "Cra" part should sound like the "cra" part in both "Crap" and "Crab", not like the "Cra" part in "Crazy". Aside from my original usage, here are some various forms of the word, presented as sentences:

1. That sushi is crazzappaly.
2. This new Britney Spears album has reached 9.3 on the crazzaplometer.
3. That sucks by an order of crazzaplitude.

Take note that my word absolutely does not share any lineage with the now extremely played out and decidedly not cool "izzle" effect, made popular by Snoop Dog. If it did, it would have been crizzle-dizzle", which is wack.

Oh yeah, the video. Enjoy!

Edit to add: So, I actually did about 5 minutes worth of research and discovered a few things. First, this actually was filmed back in the 60's, and the song that they were originally dancing to is called "Mexican Breakfast". It's kind of a surfy-jazzy sort of thing. Second, the lead dancer is a lady named Gwen Verdon, and it turns out that Gwen Verdon was like a mega-monster Broadway star. She died back in 2000. This pretty much explains the beginning of the song where it says "Gwen Verdon" and "Mexican Breakfast".

It really doesn't change my post at all, though I need to say that I honestly thought that this was filmed recently and made to look old-school. This might be the best mashup I have ever seen! Also, though I maintain that the overall song is crazzappaly, I do like the first part with Andre3000, who I have always thought was pretty fly.

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katdish said...

the lady in the center looks like my mother-in-law (based on pictures I have seen of her from this era), which is disturbing on so many levels...