Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rock and Roll will never die.

Lita Ford and Joan Jett are both over 50 now. Lita was always a little to cheesy for my tastes (although she was sort of hot), but Joan Jett... man, she can rock it old school. There are just a few people who I think can really dig down and rock people on a primal level, and Joan Jett is one of them (along with the seemingly immortal AC/DC).

Anyway, thinking about Joan and Lita getting older made me think about them at their youthful prime, specifically the very awesome band that both were in, The Runaways. Here is a video for Cherry Bomb, which is a great song by a great band...

And, since I mentioned AC/DC, here is a video of Bon Scott era AC/DC (my favorite AC/DC lineup, by the way) rocking out "Whole Lotta Rosie". This video is especially cool because Angus switches guitars in midsong, comes back with a guitar with no strap, and then continues to rock it while some roadie runs out and straps him up while he is ripping a solo. Awesome.

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