Thursday, March 12, 2009


So, this is going to be my last music-related post for good long while. It's fun posting music, but it seems like that is all I am doing. Frankly, I am thinking of making a music only blog in which I post a video or two a week of different stuff I like. Whatever.

This post is simple: Watch the video and consider it from different perspectives. Post your opinion. I don't care if you think it sucks or rules, as much as I am just curious to see the reaction. Personally, if I look at it as a tribute to Johnny Cash that was done for fun, I kind of like it. Not love it, just like it. If I look at it any other way, it is pretty horrible. Watching the video, I get the distinct impression that Everlast did this song because he likes Johnny Cash, wanted to do something in tribute, and decided to have some fun with it instead of being all serious and tributey about it.

Also, notice the girl at 1:34. She totally has a "What the hell is going on here" look about her that makes me laugh.


Anonymous said...

As covers go, I deeply respect that two of the most defining aspects of the song were maintained. The lyrics and their deep masculine delivery.

Considering the trite, dubbed and looped treatment of classic songs by rap jackholes like P Diddy, the idea of a rapper covering a country song seems like a shipwreck in waiting.

The pivot point to greatness is where this rapper protects the sanctity of the original song and opts to sample his own music in the background. This is hugely different from "putting your own spin on it". It's almost like having a Johnny Cash re-mix done by an impersonator,- a pretty good one at that.

What I think is interesting is that covers typically get downplayed for lacking in originality, even though the vast majority of them heap on their own musical styling. In this case, what's original about it is that no creative license was applied to the lyrics or the delivery which is arguably the essence of such a stark and brutal song. I don't consider House of Pain beats to be particularly inspiring, but if there wasn't a video showing you who's singing, the first assumption would likely be that someone did a DJ mashup of Johnny Cash and House of Pain. I doubt it'd occur to anyone that Everlast would take such pains to be so authentic in his vocal delivery.

As for the video, it sucked in all the ways that the 60's and 70's sucked. Frankly, I'm stunned anyone finds anything aesthetically pleasing about the style of those decades-mini skirts excepted.

katdish said...

What anonymous said...

I thought it was kewl.

Anonymous said...

"shipwreck in waiting"

"pivot point to greatness"

"deeply masculine delivery"

"stark and brutal song"

"rap jackholes"

only from the ghettoes of Motor City...

My word verification was "carap."


Timbo said...


Where is the tail? It's not in my ear, is it?

Anonymous said...


I just got my ab exercises in again.

Do I need to go to the bathroom and check?

I am going to ask you ONE more time. Is it anywhere near me??


Anonymous said...

Only from the mean streets of Northern Colorado do the hardened critics of inner city life practice their craft for those with shellfish allergies.