Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, my break has lasted longer than I thought, but I have been busy getting my new home in order. It turns out that I ended up basically replacing most of my crap, so it has been a somewhat long, and very expensive move. On the other hand, I am enjoying living in my place, particularly since it is all mine. Incidentally, all the anti-personnel defenses are in place, so please don't just drop by.

I feel a little bad about not posting anything, so here is a little slice of funny for you. Essentially, this kid is singing Britney Spears, his mom catches him and hilarity ensues. Kind of what you get for singing Britney Spears, I guess.


katdish said...

Oh, that's just funny. I love scaring my kids. I hope we don't have to dip into the college fund for therapy.

Glad you are enjoying your new digs.

Randy said...

That's awesome.
On another note, I remember a time last year when Sarita and I were wandering through the Greeley mall drunk as hell and stopped into spencers. It was when you were on your vacation in Mexico. We almost bought a sign that said "Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again" and put it on your door. Now I wish we would've done that because it sounds like it would go perfect at your new home...

J.R.Shirley said...

I've seen signs that say "Trespassers will be violated."

These signs disturb me.

Hope the new place is teh awesome.

Timbo said...

Dude, I can't tell you how much I wish you would have done that. That would have been suh-weet. My mom actually laughed at me the other day when I told her that intruders would meet a "wall of lead". Laughed, and, I think, cried a little. On the inside.