Friday, August 21, 2009

Songs For Driver.

Here are some songs for the band, man.

SOme good old blues reinterpreted

I like the slow, heavy groove on this one...

Finally, some rocking


Anonymous said...

I like the first and the third song. The middle one sort of plodds along without making much impression on me. I have a love of stripped down music without too much polish but it gets boring to play. When I thought about my three I've tried to ignore my favorite singer driven bands like Stained and instead focus on bands whose instrumental aspects make it inspiring.

My three would be as follows:

Bruce Springsteen "Reason to Believe". Power chord blues progression coupled with old school entirely American lyrics. You tube only has really annoying live versions of this song. Rather than mis-lead you I'll play it for you some time.

People in Planes "Last Man Standing"
The closest I can come to describing them would be Radiohead. I love the layered, artistic, and masculine growl they have.

Stabbing Westward: "What Do I Have To Do?"
This is a very tight band where the synth is actually "playing" the well timed feedback for the guitar- I watched them live. Similar to People in Planes, these are very technical bands who've worked out some significant details to make their songs more layered.

For folks looking to tool around and rock out, I vote we start stripped down and build layers to make it more interesting.


Anonymous said...

Greetings sir. I happened on your blog quite by accident and would seem you are looking for a direction and music for your band. As a music lover myself might I inject a suggestion. All the songs you posted were jolly good, yes jolly good. The one thing I think would add volumes to these and really any song and group is the addition of a washboard player. You just dont get more raw primitive sound and sense of soul... it adds to any song out there. Sure The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Metalica, etc.. all good bands but just think what they might have been if they would have had a washboard in the group... amazing. Good luck in your new band chaps. Cheerio!

katdish said...


Are you blogging again Timbo?

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