Friday, November 30, 2007


I was looking through The High Road today, and I stumbled across an article that came down like a lightning bolt from heaven and validated everything I have ever said about being prepared for the unexpected, gun wise.,2933,314134,00.html

Thats right, naysayers, ninjas. In broad daylight, this guy was robbed by not one, not two, but THREE ninjas. Are you prepared to deal with three ninjas? Guess what, suckers? I am!!! Not only am I prepared to repel three ninjas, I have enough ammo to see me through one or more of the following occurences:

1. Attack by up to 15 ninjas.
2. Attack by up to 5 pirates.
3. Attack by up to 75 Lumberjacks.
4. Attack by 1500 Zombies.
5. Attack by the entire "Raider nation"

I don't ever want anyone to suggest I wear a foil hat ever again after reading this article, because clearly I am right to be worried about Ninjas.

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