Monday, March 17, 2008

Bacon Lollipops: Apex of civilization?

Searching the intertubes this morning led me to a little company called "Lollyphile" thats makes two flavors of lollipops at present: Absinthe and Maple-Bacon. I have tasted absinthe and determined that it sucks, so I couldn't care less about them. If absinthe is your thing, well, you start a blog and review them on your own.

The maple-bacon lolli's are touted as being made with real, farm-fresh preservative free bacon and organic maple-syrup. I am not sure how something that comes from a tree can be anything but organic, but whatever. The point is, the lollipops are made with real bacon and maple syrup, and that's awesome.

They not only sound delectable, they apparently are delectable, as evidenced by this review of them here: If you read the review, I think you will find it as funny as I do that there is a "bacon blogosphere"

I immediately thought of two people when I saw this product: Gary and Sweed. Both are bacon zealots, and Sweed is also a candy fanatic, so this is really a dream come true for him.

If you want to order these meaty delights, click here:

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J.R.Shirley said...

absinthe does suck. Even on New Year's Eve.