Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nuggets open a can.

So, the Denver Nuggets pounded the Starbuck-infused grunge out of the Supersonics on Sunday. They scored an incredible 84 points in the second half alone, and ended up beating the Supersonics 168-116. That's pretty cool, all things considered, but it does beg one question:

Where was the defense, Nuggets?

Sure, you can score 168 in a single game, and that's gnarly, but how could you let Seattle score 116? 52 point victories are generally a cause for celebration, but not this time. In crushing the Sonics, you only managed to prove that you can't play defense. I mean, 116 points typically wins a game, right? Maybe you could have blocked a shot here or there? I mean, if you want to win by more points than most teams typically score in a whole half, maybe you should do so in a more defensive manner. Stupid selfish Nuggets, only about "scoring" and "soul-crushing defeats". Seriously, D up guys.

Of course, I am joking. The Nuggets have actually had a pretty incredible year this year, but despite that, they stand a very real chance of not even making the playoffs. The Nuggets, as of today, are 40-26. They have lost only 7 games at home. In the Easter conference that wouldn't seed them first in the playoffs, but it would put them at number 4, which is pretty good. In the Western conference, we currently are seeded 9th, which means that we need to have a pretty good winning streak to get to the 8th and final seed. It could happen, as we are only 1.5 games back from Golden State right now, but it isn't a given, and the Nuggets are going to have to sweat blood to make it.

What this speaks to more than anything is that the Eastern Conference sort of sucks. Sure, the Celtics are having a fantabulous year right now, but if you look at the standings, it's pretty clear that they just aren't as good a conference as the West is.

Allrighty, I am going to stop writing, because I feel fairly certain no one is going to care about my views on the Nuggets, but whatever.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

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