Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dana Perino, I love you.

So, in an earlier post I mentioned that White House Press Secretary Dana Perino is pretty hot. This video proves my point decisively. Never has my heart been so aflutter listening to someone answer questions about whether or not the Vice President is a member of the executive branch or not. More truthfully, my heart has never been aflutter listening to anyone discuss what branch the Vice President belongs too. Whatever. Dana Perino is purty, and that's the whole point.

Also, I think this is going to be the last video I post for a little bit. I don't want my blog turning into me posting every video that I find. I do this so I can write and get better at writing, to hopefully entertain a little bit, and to get chicks. Embedding Youtube videos isn't really a suitable way to hypnotize the ladies with my obvious charm, and thus I am going to slow it down and let the sweet white chocolate that is Me permeate my posts a little more. Good day.


Melly said...

Dana Perino is from Parker too... glad to see someone is making it in the world with an education from colorado!
Timbo is in love!!!HAHA

Patrick said...

I think the brazen lying and blind subservience turns me off of her.

Timbo said...

I guess that I would argue that Press Secretaries are pretty much expected to be blindly subservient. Not many press secretaries are outspoken critics of the administration that they work under, regardless of party.