Monday, June 2, 2008

Bo Diddley Dead.

So, today I learned that Bo Diddley died. Most have probably heard of Bo, and if you haven't actually heard his music, you have probably heard George Thorogood plays his songs. His hits include "Who do you love" and "I'm a Man", and he gained a great amount of fame in the late 80's via his "Bo don't know Diddley" commercials with Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson, incidentally, is my favorite athlete of all time, but that's really neither here nor there.

Anyway, it sucks that ol' Bo is gone. He was a showman, he had his own unique style and he wrote good songs. The old bluesmen are all dropping off the face of the earth, and there isn't a whole lot of them left. I advise listening to some BB King and Buddy Guy now, while they are still alive.

Enjoy the video, which was made at some point in the 70's and just shows Bo playing guitar and hollering. Godspeed, Bo.


katdish said...

I didn't know that Bo Diddley died. Bummer. I've seen B.B. King a few times. He is amazing. Do you remember Albert Collins - Master of the Telecaster ("I'm not drunk, I'm just drinkin")? I saw him several years ago at a blues club in a Houston neighborhood called "the heights". He started a prolonged jam session on his telecaster and proceeded to walk off the stage, through the audience, and onto Washington Avenue. It doesn't get much cooler than that. Sad to say, he's gone as well.

Timbo said...

Albert Collins, the Iceman. You know, he was also interesting in that he hired a white female guitar player for his band. Her name is Debbie Davies, and she was pretty awesome. Not something you see very often, for a whole bunch of reasons. Debbie Davies still tours and plays, and in the interviews I have read from her, she always had nothing but good things to say about Albert Collins and her time in The Icebreakers.

I mostly listen to metal, but plunking down some blues is always a welcome respite.