Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A knife that helps.

So, I guess this isn't super recent news, but knife manufacturer Benchmade is making a pink handled version of their popular "Griptilian" knife. 10% of all wholesale profits from this knife go to breast cancer research. I believe everyone should carry a knife with them, and for those of you that have an interest in helping breast cancer research out, here is as good a chance as any to combine the two.

As far as the knife itself goes, Benchmade is a very reputable company and the Griptilian series of knives have been very well received. There are four different versions of the knife for sale on the Benchmade website, all at a cost of $90.00. That may seem a bit steep for those of you not in tune with the world of knives, but that is a pretty good price for a very good knife that will give you a lifetime of service. Trust me, there is a HUGE difference between cheap-o knives and this one, and $90.00 isn't a particularly bad price for what you get.


Tactically, the pink handle has some value. When I was in the USMC, I carried a pink Spyderco. It was easy to find if I dropped it, no one wanted to steal it, and I always sort of got a kick out of it. Personally, I will probably be buying one of these knives. I have wanted a Griptilian in general for a while, and if I can get one with the awesome pink handle and help breast cancer research, so much the better.

Here is a little video that shows you what it looks like. Why they opt to call it a "knife edged tool" and not just a "knife", I have no idea.

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