Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One more reason to hate the Chiefs.

Boy, do I ever hate the Kansas City Chiefs. They are my least favorite football team. As a Bronco fan, our traditional enemy is the Raiders, and I hate them too, but the Chiefs edge them out by a fairly large margin. There are any number of reasons to hate the Chiefs, but now I have a new one: They are banning standing up at their games.

Are you kidding me? You're not supposed to stand up and get rowdy at a football game? That is literally the stupidest rule I have ever heard of in football or any other sport. I can understand that the goal of the rule is to keep jackasses (of whom there is an inexhaustible supply at Chiefs games) from standing up and ruining someone else's good time, but to flatly ban it is ri-freaking-diculous.

Stupid Chiefs, how I hate you...

By the way, if you think I am making this up, check out the link provided, which includes another link to the KC Chiefs website that shows the "fan rules" in their full infamy.


Clyde said...

Eh, that's a little much. They're banning continual standing which most NFL teams discourage anyway.

I don't think it will affect their reputation as one of the best game day experiences in all of football.

Timbo said...

Football is a game of emotion. Trying to cap a traditional expression of emotion in support of the home team will certainly not help the game day experience. If you want to sit an watch a game, stay at home.

Clearly you're a Chiefs fan. My apologies.

Lauren said...

You might as well apologize to me too. Don't hate us because we suck really really badly.

This is crazy that our local news has not even informed us of this new policy. You think they would. I'm pretty sure the rest of the fans have no idea this even exists. So we will go on standing until they force us to sit down.
And another thing, I know I've seen at least half of those rules broken.
And if I remember correctly, the stadium is such that it doesn't really matter if someone is standing up in front of you. You can still see. That is, if you're standing up. Which I am. Because maybe, just maybe, if we all stand up, we might actually score. hehe. But really, don't hate. I'm just a fan because I live here. I'm going to go tell everyone I know that now.