Monday, July 7, 2008

Rampant indecency is ruining the world.

This video, found at Neatorama as so much of my stuff is, shows a truly horrifying thing: This baby is not wearing pants. Look, I know India is a country with some poverty issues, but if they could afford a pink blanket for this baby to lie on, surely they could afford a pair of pants.

Now, before you go thinking I am being a touch elitist, let me point out that it doesn't have to be pants. They could have taken the pink blanket and fashioned a dress, and that would have have been fine. A skirt, a more traditional Indian sari, even a toga would have all been possible, but no. This poor baby has to suffer the indignity of running around with a bare bottom.

Frankly, it is this type of parenting that is bringing the world to a quick end. I think there is no excuse for this type of thing, and I motion that a non-profit "Pants for India" organization be founded. Surely we wealthy Americans can spare a few pairs of precious pants for the children.

Anyway, if you think you can stand the heartbreak of seeing a bare-assed baby crawling about, please watch the video. With any luck, your heart will be as touched as mine and you will take action.


Anonymous said...

No comment

J.R.Shirley said...

Jesus, dude.

I would guess this is a cobra whose lips have been mostly sewn shut, and which is fed milk. I'm not sure which I should feel sorry for, the cobra or the baby.

Great commentary, btw.

Timbo said...

The site actually indicated that it was either defanged or sewn shut. Funny you should mention about which to feel sorry for, as there was a poll on this video at another website and the snake was winning by about 4% last I looked. I hate snakes, but even I think that sewing somethings mouth shut is pretty cruel. Whacking it with a stick while screaming like a little girl is OK though.