Sunday, September 14, 2008

Political Ad

TWWOT is not a political blog, and while I am posting a pro-McCain ad, I sincerely want everyone to vote for whichever candidate they truly feel is best. I am posting this ad simply because I am a veteran, and I find this to be a powerful ad. If you are pro-Obama and anti-war, you will probably not like this ad. Feel free to comment as you see fit, but I will immediately delete any comments that are vitriolic in nature. I am respectfully putting up an ad that represents this veterans (and by extension my own) opinion, and I only ask that if you disagree you do so with an equal measure of respect.

Also, while this video is available to all on Youtube, I found it on fellow High Roader John Shirleys blog, Wandering Thoughts. You can find a link to his blog in my links section!


Anonymous said...

Nice Ad, and thank you for your service. I believe Obama is saying the war was a mistake, not the obvious heroic service you and your fellow fighting men and women are making. The war against terror had no business in Iraq, but in Afghanistan. Not a single Iraqi had threatened or killed an American here, nor would they have. In this context, yes, it was a mistake to deploy you there. Also, since the majority of servicemen and women have overwhelminging donated to Obama over McCain, I think the "mistake" comment was understood. Also, just because Obama doesn't shamefully do photo ops with the troops like McCain does, doesn't mean he is "anti-troop." Obama has had as much, if not more face time with troops since running for president as mccain has. he just doesn't exploit you guys as much.

I'm a gun rights activist and I'm pro-military voting for Obama.

J.R.Shirley said...

Hard to believe a "gun rights activist" voting for Obama.

Anonymous said...

In response to the previous poster. First the assertion that no Iraqi had killed or threatened an American is not accurate. In fact they were a constant threat or atleast the ruling government was. They spent nearly 10 years breaking UN regulations after THEY invaded Kuwait and would not let weapons inspectors in. This being one of the major reason for our invasion. Secoundly was it a mistake to help the people who lived in and under sadistic rule. Someone who was activly engaging in ethnic cleansing of the Kurds? Also, the comment about shameful photo ops is nothing more then a cheap shot against a man showing that as a veteran himself their issues and concerns are important to him. Thirdly your comment about overwhleming donations going to the Obama campaign is in accurate and unfounded. I would like to see where your statistics come from. Most likely you heard it on Air America. And finally you are fooling yourself if you are a gun rights activist and voting for Obama.

Timbo said...

I disagree that McCain is shamelessly photo-opping with troops, and I further disagree that Obama has spent as much time with troops as McCain has. There are two reasons for this.

First, no presidential candidate does anything that isn't a photo-op. Obama shows up in public, it's a photo-op.

Second, McCain has actually been to Iraq, whereas Obama has not. Boots on the ground is more important than reading reports from afar.

Also, the New York Post reported just a couple of days ago that Obama may have actually tried to stall a troop withdrawal, all while proclaiming his desire to pull them out.

You, of course, should cast your vote to whomever you wish. I flatly do not believe that Obama is the pro-gun candidate, and will thus not be voting for him. I say this even after listening to the daily ads of some old football player telling me how Obama will let us keep our guns, and then throwing up the ol' "jobs for all" red herring.

Bush may have not been the best choice for president (although I happen to believe that history will be far kinder to him than we are now), but I simply do not believe that the Democratic way is of any real use to the nation.