Sunday, October 19, 2008

Karate bricks and my feelings.

Evidently, the quality, content and effort of my blog has been underperforming as of late. My feelings on this issue feel like these bricks, which is to say "completely unperturbed".


Anonymous said...

On your question on the NEF rev olvers the make a very good 22 called the ultra one in 22 lr. and one in 22 wrm both with a 6" barrel very heavy at that and target sights I have a friend that owns the magnum one and it is very accurate and well made. It is called the R22 "Ultra" it is still in production and so is the 22 LR model There is also a lady ultra 32 H&R Mag with a 3" barrel and round butt. Hope this helps.

Timbo said...

I imagine that helps someone, but I don't think I have ever asked a question regarding NEF revolvers, though I guess I was unaware that NEF even made revolvers. Do you mean NAA? That would make somewhat more sense. Anyway, thanks for the info, despite it having nothing to do with a single post on this blog, ever.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps who ever left the comment on the NEF revolvers was just trying to bring some sort of informational or entertainment value to a blog that is severly lacking both. I applaude him. Bravo sir, bravo.