Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So, I am going to start trying to throw in some shorter posts in between my longer ones in order to create a little more stupid stuff for everyone to look at. This should have the effect of more frequent postings that won't cut into my precious "me" time.

In order to find funny stuff, I am just going to do a Google image search random phrases that pop into my head. This time, I googled the phrase "taming the beast". Perhaps unsurprisingly, the photos often depicted porn and/or World of Warcraft nerd showing off their in-game pets. But, in between the boobies and the nerd-sweat, I did find this little gem:

Seriously? In my wildest dreams I didn't think I would strike comedy gold this quickly. I can only imagine the fame and fortune I will attain if all my ideas work out this good.