Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Blues.

So, my last couple of music posts have resulted in a rollicking good discussion between AT and I about who sucks and who doesn't when it comes to the guitar. While we disagree on a couple of points, we also agree on others. One guy in particular he mentioned that a lot of people may not have heard of is the Master of the Telecaster, Albert Collins. He is gone now, but man, the Iceman could play. Here is a video of him throwing down:

Also, just to please my faithful reader Katdish, here is a video of SRV shredding a version of "Voodoo Chile (slight return)" from 1983. Righteous.


katdish said...

Just for the record, I am also an Albert Collins fan (and probably the coolest chick you've ever come in contact with).

I saw him at a place called Rockerfellers in the Heights (Houston's oldest neighborhood). In the middle of the show, he started jamming on his Fender strat, walked through the crowd and started playing in the middle of Washington Avenue! That dude was all kinds of cool...

katdish said...

Wait. I just re-read my comment and it sounded like I was inferring that I think you don't know any cool chicks. That's not what I meant at all.

What I meant was, that I was incredibly cool. (Which sounds pretty obnoxious too, but I just wanted to clarify.)