Saturday, March 21, 2009

Star Trek.

Some of you may vaguely remember that a long time ago I wrote a blog in which I defended the average trekky. I have nothing against Trekkies. You want to dress up and learn a made up language in your spare time (of which, apparently, you have plenty.), what do I care? It's not like you are out slinging crack or bathing in puppy blood or something.

With that being said, Trekkies have an annoying habit of going way overboard. Take, for example, this video. This is a review of a movie that isn't even going to release for another month and a half, and will almost surely do a bazillion dollars worth of business world wide. This guy acknowledges that, but by Romulus, he found something that for him is a major issue. Observe:

Really? In a movie that features a molecular transportation device, aliens and, you know, intergalactic starships, you are angry because the San Francisco of the 24th century appears to be too big? Really? To prove your point, you show a picture of San Francisco 100 years ago, a time when buildings were made entirely with hand tools and people still thought of automobiles as something handcrafted by Satan? Dude, you can't compare the 24th century to the 19th. I mean, there is a big difference between a hammer and nails and a neutron hammer and laser nails, let alone the massive army of constructobots that I assume are responsible for all construction and city planning.

Ignoring that flaw in your logic, can I also point out that you are the type of nerd that ruins things for other nerds? Look, there are potentially thousands of Trekkies out there that would have watched this movie with complete satisfaction (other than wondering why James Tiberius Kirk looks like one of the Twilight Vampires), and now, they are all going to stomp out the theater upon viewing a potentially disproportional future city by the bay.

Thank you, on behalf of them, from me, jerk.


Toby said...

But Tim, the buildings are too big. Too big, dammit! Don't you care about the buildings that are too big?! If they get too big, the Enterprise might run into them. Or something.

katdish said...

Where do you come up with this stuff?

I want more bear/cat/bear/monkey visionary stuff!

Who cares about Star Trek?

Anonymous said...

The large buildings are kind of a pivot point to greatness if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe California finally broke off the intercontinental shelf and drifted into Bangkok, thus forming the ultimate conflagration of out sized buildings and environmental nut bags, oh and transvestites. Can't forget about the transvestites.

J.R.Shirley said...

I kinda wanted to take a bat to that guy. Douche bag.